Bible Study & Prayer Journal Printable Template Commercial PLR

Bible Study & Prayer Journal Printable Template Commercial PLR

Bible Study & Prayer Journal Printable Template Commercial PLR

A beautiful addition to anyone’s quiet time with God, this sweet Bird Garden Bible Study & Prayer Journal is a perfect companion to a daily Bible Study.

Anchoring the words of the Bible in your heart while enjoying the lovely images partnered with easy-to-use journal pages.

This PLR Printable Journal incorporates 14 pages of delightfully designed birds in a garden images alongside neatly created Journal pages.

This beautiful Bible Study Journal and Prayer Journal PLR Printable is designed to be easy to use and a pretty addition to anyone’s Bible study!

Easily sell this lovely PLR Printable as is, edit the PowerPoint Template, OR use any of these neatly designed pages to incorporate into your very own Bible Study or Prayer Journal Printable creation!

What Is Included:

-Beautiful Cover page for your Bible study Journal (1 page)

-Graphic Art Cross Page to show your love of God and his word (1 page)

-Journal entry page one with “Date” & “Scripture” fill-in boxes, “Message Of The Day”, “What I Learned Today”, and “Prayer List” entry lines (6 pages)

-Journal entry page two with “Today I Am Thankful For” and “God Is” entry lines (5 pages)

-Comfort Pray Journal entry page (1 page)

-PDF & PowerPoint Files of all pages (14 pages in total)

How to Use this PLR Printable:

This PLR Printable is created to fit within any Christian niche but can easily be added to in order to adjust it to meet your niche needs.

With your purchase of this beautiful Printable, you will be able to download and sell as is, edit, or add to your new Bird Garden Bible Study Journal & Prayer Journal PLR Printable to sell in your very own Printable shop!

This well-designed, adorable Journal is an easily sellable Printable with its many vibrant yet charming designs. It is perfect for any Bible, Christian, God-loving enthusiast out there!

Additional ways this PLR Printable can be used:

- Use it yourself

- Use as a give-away or Freebie printable on your blog or website

- Use as-is or Add-to it to create a new printable to sell through your online store

- Use this printable or its pages in a POD (Print On Demand) Journal or Planner

- Create social media images and lead magnets using the Ideas within this Printable

- Create Blog Posts using the Ideas within this Printable

- Create Instagram posts using the Ideas within this Printable (quotes, verses, affirmations, guides, etc.)

Engage your buyers with this functional Bible Study & Prayer Journal Printable PLR to start their bible and prayer study today.

Get Instant access to this delightful Bible Study & Prayer Journal Printable Template Commercial PLR NOW!

Please remember:

You will receive access to the downloadable file once payment is completed fully. All products are DIGITAL. Nothing will be shipped. For Commercial PLR Use. Includes PDF & PowerPoint Files. All sales are final.



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