FREE Tea Recipe Book Printable ONLY

FREE Tea Recipe Book Printable ONLY

FREE Tea Recipe Book Printable ONLY

In England, it is always time for tea! This beautiful FREE Tea Recipe Book Printable offers 16 unique pages that are carefully created and made just for you! This Recipe Book Printable can be printed and used to create yummy British themed Teatime snacks & treats!

It will not only offer wonderful British-style tea and teatime food recipes to your audience, but also is a great gift for any season or occasion. 

Vibrantly colored with pinks and golds, this lovely little recipe book is a perfect and simple guide for a very British Teatime. It includes recipes for scones, Victoria sponge cake, ginger snaps, shortbread biscuits, egg and chives finger sandwiches, and more!

6 must have English teatime recipes made just for you with delightful and pretty teatime clipart! And I’ve also included 7 different styled pages for you to include your very own recipes, too!

What Is Included:

- Gorgeous & Colorful “A Very British Teatime” Cover (1 page)

- “This Planner Belongs to…” Name Title Page (1 page)

- Contents Page Displaying All Recipes (1 page)

- Scones Recipe Page in Pink (1 page)

- Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe Page in Pink (1 page)

- Butter Shortbread Biscuits Recipe Page in Pink (1 page)

- Ginger Biscuits Recipe Page in Blue (1 page)

- Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches Recipe Page in Blue (1 page)

- Egg Finger Sandwiches Recipe Page in Blue (1 page)

- Blank Pink Recipe Outline Notes Page (3 pages)

- Blank Blue Recipe Outline Notes Page (4 pages)

- PDF File (16 pages in total!)

How to Use this Printable:

With this beautiful Printable, you will be able to download and use for your own Very British Teatime! This well-designed, gorgeous Tea Recipe Book Printable makes a great gift for your friends, family, or yourself with its many vibrant yet charming designs.

Get Instant access to this delightful FREE Tea Recipe Book Printable ONLY NOW!

Please remember:

You will receive access to the downloadable file once payment is completed fully *This is a FREEBIE, there is no cost to you at checkout*. All products are DIGITAL. Nothing will be shipped. Printable ONLY, not an editable template. For PERSONAL USE ONLY. All sales are final.



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